2010 World Cup: Football fan killed by family for trying to watch game

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2010 World Cup: Football fan killed by family for trying to watch game

It is a well known fact that football is the most violent sport on planet Earth. Well not just because of the fact that the sheer number of fans and players outnumber the communities of all other sports but in actuality they do have a modest ratio in comparison to other sports. The death of a South African football fan by his family recently was a prime example of this fact.

Police reports have stated that the incident occurred in broad daylight. The man killed was a just an ordinary football fan; sharing the same passion and commitment as any other would have. In an attempt to watch the proceedings of the FIFA World Cup held in his home country South African the man was watching the television set while his family insisted that they wanted to see a religious programme.

His refusal to their request and his devotion to football rather than religion infuriated the family so much that they launched themselves on the helpless man and killed him. All this took place in the northeast area of the country; a place that was already known for these kinds of horrendous acts.

The man is recognized as David Makoeya, a 61 year old man belonging to a minute and rural town in Makweya of the Limpopo province. Later it was confirmed that the fight broke out over the remote control of the television. The wife and the two children refused to let the old man watch the match of Germany against Australia in the first stages World Cup; they instead wanted to catch a gospel show on the divinity.

There were no confirmed reports of the act in the beginning and Police refused to comment until they had the whole mess cleared up and presented with their official report all at once. Their spokesman, Mothemane Malefo confirmed that the fight indeed originate from the remote control further stating, “He said, ‘No, I want to watch soccer,’ that is when the argument came about”. Malefo later told that in that context the quandary started later, “In that argument, they started assaulting him”.

The policeman Malefo further gave details relating that Makoeya stood up after being refused to share the remote and tried to change the channel manually and it was when his 68 year old wife Francina and two children, a 36 year old son by the name of Collin and a 23 year old daughter Lebogang attacked him.

Malefo mentioned that the Police were further investigating the matter and as yet they were still unsure about the weapon or object used for the damage infliction to the deceased. Malefo told that early reports by Police have clarified that there was no actual use of weapon. He further elucidated, “It appears they banged his head against the wall. They phoned the police only after he was badly injured, but by the time the police arrived the man was already dead”.

All three assailants were arrested but Lebogang was later bailed on $200. Last heard the Police informed that the other two are still under arrest. Police have filed a case against the two and the son and the wife will have their hearing in the local Seshego Magistrates Court on the 27th of July.

Makoeya's nieces, Miriam and Anna told while talking to the media about Makoeya, saying, “He was always a happy man, never violent”. They sadly added, “On Saturday, we saw him for the last time at a funeral”.

Violence has been a part of football over the century with team supporters rivalling up against competitors. It’s been a sad part of the game but as time changes; changes for the better have been seen. Some of the worst and vicious supporters are known to be from the English club Manchester Untied also known as ‘the Red Devils’.



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