Brawn thinks Mercedes can win Formula One Championship with Schumacher and Rosberg

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Brawn thinks Mercedes can win Formula One Championship with  Schumacher and Rosberg

One of the legends of formula one, Mercedes boss Ross Brawn has immense confidence in himself and his team. Despite his team being in the 4th spot after 8 races, he is still optimistic that Mercedes have a good chance of winning the formula one 2010 world championship. The two drivers for his team Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg are on the 9th and 6th place on the driver standings respectively.

The German team have so far managed only 2 top 3 finishes, when Rosberg got 3rd position in Malaysia and China. Rosberg, after 8 races is lagging 35 points behind the championship leader Lewis Hamilton of McLaren.

But Brawn insists that that his team is still within striking distance of winning the championship this season.

The 55 year old Veteran of the sport, led his team Brawn GP to world title in the last season, when he took the unlikely candidate for word championship Jenson Button all the way to the top, for his first world title and sold his team to Mercedes for the new season, and is now the team principal.

But even though he still remains at the helm, his ace driver Button deserted him for McLaren, where he teamed up with fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton, but Brawn went back to his one time prodigy the legendry Michael Schumacher and persuaded him back from retirement. But the team has not been able to match the raw pace of Red Bull, and the tactical brilliance of McLaren (who took one-two spots in the last 2 races of the season).

McLaren by virtue of their last 2 wins lead the driver and Constructor tables, Hamilton is 3 points ahead of his team mate Jenson Button, while the Red Bull Duo of Webber and Vettel are in 3rd and 4th spot.

Rosberg is in 6th position, with Schumacher after some disappointing little incidents is in 9th. Schumacher, the 7 time world champion is 75 points off the top, and is feeling his way back in the formula one car after retiring from the sport more then 2 years ago.

With 10 races in the season still to go, Brawn has confidence in his team to close the gap at the top. Rosberg produced a heartening display in Montreal and Brawn is optimistic, that his team is gathering momentum just at the right time, and may be able to catch up to the big boys in time.

Brawn said that the circuit in Montreal was suitable for his team, and the performance of both his drivers, especially of Rosberg was very encouraging.

According to the team principal, Nico was one of the quickest drivers in the race, and his rise from midfield of the track to 6th was a positive sign for the races to come.

Brawn while looking at the next race in Valencia, said that the circuit there will once again suit his team, as there are number of long straights, which are connected with slow corners, just like Montreal.

The former Ferrari boss is exited about the prospect of new upgrades being installed in his cars, and is of the opinion that the new changes in the car, if made correctly will give his team an edge over the teams at the top, like Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.

The new points system in formula one is such that even one race win can go a long way towards closing the gap on rival drivers, and that is the fact that keeps Brawn optimistic of a better 2nd half of the season for Mercedes. Even though the chances of Rosberg and Schumacher outpacing the likes of Hamilton, Webber, and Vettel are quite slim, but one can be forgiven for expecting the unexpected, as Brawn and Schumacher are a team who won multiple world titles. Even if they do not manage to win the title, Mercedes may yet give the rest of the teams a good run for their money.



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