Serena Williams once again the top seeded player for Wimbledon

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Serena Williams once again the top seeded player for Wimbledon

Serena Williams, the World Number One tennis ace from the United States of America is most of the times in a mood to talk anything about her beloved sport. The tennis star apart from her sport is also a business women as well as she works for the fundraising of the deprived African children. However, the tennis sensation is particularly hard to take earnestly every time she is told to discuss about her opponents, injuries as well as her own style of game.

So it was a shocker when the hot favourite Serena Williams steamed like an imperial care taker as she discussed the chances of greeting the Queen when she falls down at Wimbledon on Thursday after a period of around 33 years.  

The Queen who seemingly does not bother much about the game of tennis, is nevertheless hurling a royal penumbra over this Championship with servility stretching the state of excitement even prior she enters into the imperial box. This was a present for Serena Williams.

According to Williams, she has been doing her home work on her politeness and civility which is a bit intense and needs to be pitched down a little bit along with her arm motion. She takes the tournament of Wimbledon as another chance to play some good tennis no matter what ever happens in the end. According to her, she has come to Wimbledon just to participate in one of the four Grand Slam tournaments along with her 127 fellows in the draw.

Such glibness however is difficult to admit as Serena has just come back after an injury treatment however there is no doubt about the fact that she has put all her efforts to recover the potency that has daunted over the past.

Serena did not play at her best on clay in Paris as well as Rome. However, she is likely to do well in the grass at Wimbledon along with the support of crowd as well as the surrounding conditions. While commenting on the return of Clijsters and Henin, the American tennis ace replied coldly by saying that she is happy for them to be in the draw.

It is such a careless reply that attracts a small number of friends for the tennis ace. As far as her love for the darling Wimbledon is concerned, Williams always feels great to be here as she has a number of memorable moments to recall at Wimbledon.

When questioned about her preparation for the Wimbledon tournament, Serena replied that she plays every single match with a same game plan and positive frame of mind no matter whether it’s a match at Wimbledon or South or Carolina. The tennis sensation has an ambition to win and try equally hard in each game irrespective of her atmosphere and location.

Michelle Larcher De Brito who is unexpectedly William’s oppoenet in the first round will be having a chance to deal with her composed improvement. Williams is not in her very best of the forms after her tiny return so the rest of the players will be hoping to grab the opportunity in the best possible way. As far as the crowd is concerned, they will definitely be backing up their defending champion.

Some other players including Maria Sharapova due to her injuries is also another subject of concern with her form and game. On the other hand, the playing style of Sam Stosur does not suit the grass court to a great deal. The odds also named the World Number One Serena Williams as the favourite to win Wimbledon 2010. So, the question is that will the American ace really be able to meet the expectations of every one backing her up? We’ll just have to wait and see.



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