Women’s Zonal Beach Volleyball Tournament in Boca Chica – Volleyball news

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Women’s Zonal Beach Volleyball Tournament in Boca Chica – Volleyball news
After the successful completion of sub-zonal stage, the qualification process for the 2012 London Olympic Games has entered the next stage of Zonal Tournaments. In the recent memory, the North & Central American and Caribbean Volleyball Federation (NORCECA)
announced the dates for the upcoming Women’s Zonal Beach Volleyball Tournament. The long beach of Boca Chica in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic has been selected as the competition venue.
The NORCECA Women’s Zonal Beach Volleyball Tournament will run from April 18-20, while teams from Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico and United States will take part in the activity. A squad of twelve teams from six countries will be featured
at the zonal tournament.
The particulars of the participating teams are as followed:

United States: Ashley Ivy/Lisa Rutledge and Whitney Pavlik/Jenny Kropp.
Dominican Republic: Ginette Del Rosário/Gina Del Rosario. Canada: Heather Bansley/Elizabeth Maloney and Marie Lessard/Annie Martin.
Cuba: Niriam Sinal/Ion Canet and Imara Estevez/Kirenia Martinez.
Mexico: Mayra Garcia/Bibiana Candelas and Martha Revuelta/Xitlali Herrera.
Puerto Rico: Dariam Acevedo/Yarleen Santiago and Yaileen Torres/ Beatriz Rivera.

The President of the Dominican Republic Volleyball Confederation Ramon Gracia expressed hope that it will be successful event.
He said, “We are expecting one spectacular competition with the strongest beach volleyball teams in NORCECA.”
He further thanked the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) for introducing the idea of Continental Cup for 2012 London Olympic Games. He said that new qualification system will benefit a lot of low-ranking teams.
The three-day zonal competition is expected to create a great sensation for the players and fans as well. As the qualification process for Olympic Games is progressing toward the final phase, the competitions are getting tougher.
The winners of the zonal tournament will advance to the final of Continental Cup. Eventually, only one team from a continent will earn the rights to play in the 2012 London Olympic Games.
In the light of new rules introduced this year, each team is scheduled to play two matches in the round. The absolute success will help any team to clear the stage, whereas in the case of tie, a golden set will be played to decide on the victorious side.



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