Mat Latos sees Cincinnati Reds’ potential to get into postseason – MLB News

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Mat Latos sees Cincinnati Reds’ potential to get into postseason – MLB News
As the Cincinnati Reds Caravan makes their journey in and around the town, the newly acquired pitcher Mat Latos stated on Thursday, January 26, that the club has the potential to make it into the postseason with the talent they have.
Commenting on the fact that the Reds have talent in every position, the excited Mat Latos thinks that the addition of Ryan Madson and Ryan Ludwick is another good sign for the team.
"The team has a lot of talent at every position," Latos said. "I think the additions of Madson, and Ludwick as of late, are two good guys. It just adds to a great ballclub and a potential postseason run."
The acquisition of new players is being hailed by the observers of the game. The Cincinnati Reds have the likes of Johnny Cueto to rely upon when it comes to pitching. Now that Mat Latos and other pitchers are being included, the Reds feel strengthened now.
Small wonder, that the team is now starting Spring Training with more confidence. The focus that the Cincinnati Reds had on buying and trading new players, can prove fruitful once the regular season gets going.
However, what is understandable and can easily be seen is the level of excitement that has permeated the atmosphere in Cincinnati. "I'm trying to hold back my excitement because we have a ways to go before we go to Spring Training," the Reds’ team manager
Baker said. “I'm loving the moves we have made. I think we have an excellent chance and an excellent team."
The Reds had put a lot of effort last year to somehow get into the postseason. Even though there was no success in that, it seems quite possible that the Reds attain this goal.
Given the magnitude of the challenge, the Reds seem all braced with mental and physical preparedness, to undertake this endeavour. Difficult as it may seem, the confidence combined with the readiness of the players shall help the Reds compete with some of
the top tier teams in the league.



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