Abu Dhabi becomes surprise venue for Thorbjorn Olesen

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Abu Dhabi becomes surprise venue for Thorbjorn Olesen
The grand event of Abu Dhabi Open is just halfway through and there are surprises landing at our disposal.
Rather unaccredited and unknown Dane Thorbjorn Olesen has been able to grab the top spot in the tournament so far.
The unheralded Danish golfer, with the help of five-under par, was able to score 67 in the star-studded line-up of the event.
The lead in the tournament was earlier in possession of Italian Matteo Mannasero and Northern Ireland's Gareth Maybin.
Olesen was further able to strengthen his position in the game with the help of his hat-trick of birdies from the eighth hole.
However, it was the second aim for the shot of the day that reduced his overnight advantage for the 18th to half.
The trio currently leading the race is now in a better position to compete with the golfers of the third round, which includes players like Rory McIlroy, Robert Karlsson and also Tiger Woods.
All these players will be beginning their game on five-under.
Irish golfer, Rory was going well, but it was the back-to-back placement of bogeys that caused him to face a two-stroke penalty for the infringement of rules.
In order to get back in the game, he had no other option but to make two more shots to end up at the 5th position in terms of the current ranking.
When Rory was asked about the reason of this mistake, he quite simply said: “I think it was because of lack of concentration as well as ignorance of rules”.
He also shared, "Luke (Donald) said 'I don't think you can do that' and then I was like 'Oh yeah I can't, can I?' It twigged on me straightaway".
He added, "It undid all the great work I'd done after the bad start, but JP (caddie JP Fitzgerald) said 'It's only Friday, it's not as if these things are happening to you on a Sunday afternoon'".
Commenting on the performance of Tiger Woods, he had to acknowledge that the veteran American golfer is not making many mistakes.
He is extremely consistent and well acquainted with the dynamics of the ball and game.
With the surprise beginning of Abu Dhabi Open, it is expected that the event will undergo further twists and turns each day.



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