Will USA become less religious in the near future?

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As Christian fundamentalists suffer a backlash for supporting Republican party candidates, and suffer more disappointment, more irreligious skepticism may increase. Many Christian fundamentalists, not all of them to be fair, are corrupt in money and politics. May we become what is Europe now: unreligious and large number of atheists and agnosticism? Feedback, please.




  1. It's already happening.  And, yes, less in the future.

  2. Yes, America is more conservative than the rest of the world and is a couple of decades behind social trends in Europe.

  3. Actually Europe is more christian than the USA, and they aren't afraid to show it.

  4. Teens are not into much of the traditional churches anymore.I do feel theres a major shift in going to church on sunday.Churches that are being built nowdays are wasting money and the ones that loan it are too.

  5. To be perfectly blunt..... If the Democratic Party and it's affinity for shielding "immigrants" at all costs continues, we will see a MORE religious (read Christian) America emerge within the next 20 years. People are not going to leave their faith at the border. As their political power grows, (as it steadily has been) so does the power to affect the balance between church and state.

    Your assessment of Europe is another point I would question. The Christian population may be dropping but the number of Middle Eastern Moslems is increasing in nearly every country. What you're witnessing is the replacement of one deity for another.

    [Edit] Why so defensive? Truth hurt? And again, as seems to be your wont, you assume wrongly. I am not a Christian.

    AND. I made no reference to "illegal", you did. You asked a question concerning the future of religion in the US. I answered.

  6. Of course, there is not one speck of evidence that any Deity or god ever existed. So lets get back to more science and stop chasing ghosts.  

  7. yeah were going to bust h**l wide open and were going to suffer for eternity

  8. I sure hope not.  The last thing I want is to be more like Europe.

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