Miley&Mandy or Demi&Selena?

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which side are you on?




  1. i don't really care, but i would have to choose demi and selena

  2. i would probably have to say Demi&Selena... just because they havent had as many "scandals"...not that I don't like Miley, but perhaps Mandy is a bad influence on Miley, but i dont know them personally so I'm not going to judge...but over all.........

    Demi&Selena would probably be the ones i would like to hang out with[:

  3. the thing i don't get is who is mandy? i had never heard of her before the whole mandy miley thing....miley demi and selena are all actresses and i missing something?

  4. I like Miley and Mandy. I think that they are so funny, and I think they are just normal young girls trying to have a little fun. They seem to be a little wild, but who cares? I think every 16-22 year old girl wants to be s**y and takes risky pictures of themselves..I know I did!! Anyway, thats what I have to say!

    I also wanted to add...I dont know much about Demi and Selena, but I like them too. I think they are pretty, and I love Demi Lovatos voice!

    But, I like Miley and Mandys show better....thats all!!

  5. demi and selens

  6. Miley & Mandy

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