Why are we still at war?

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i was considering joining the army(19k),but when i realized theyre just fighting Iraqi resistance,which is basically a brigade of homeless people with guns.i said **** that!! if we arent at a national threat why are we still shipping soldiers over theyre?

correct me if im wrong.




  1. You and Tanner are both wrong......

    I taught and fought this type of warfare for many years..... the tactics required are different than a normal war....

    It is NOT a brigade.....

    It is NOT a bunch of "homeless" people

    We were (and still are to a lesser degree) at a national threat

    They are NOT just "Iraqi Resistance" fact the leadership is NOT Iraqi..... many of the suicide bombers come from Algeria, they are not even Iraqi

    My recommendation is for you to NOT join the military..... we do not need under-informed people spouting ignorant BS and ruining troop morale......endangering lives

    EDIT....Excuse me.....I thought you wanted an intelligent answer....but obviously you just want to rant and spout illogical and ignorant drivel. Iraq can be shown to have been a serious threat to the security of America....this is the first justified war in 60 years.... We have lost 4,500 good men in this war.....BUT Clinton lost almost the same number in his little fiascos around the world.....Was Bosnia a threat to America.....Was Haiti a threat to America.......Was Samolia a threat to America..... Where were you when Clinton was killing troops for NO REASON..... Iraq declared war on America......Iraq tried to kill American servicemen AND the US President.....Iraq paid suicide bombers $25,000 to kill Americans....Iraq funded and trained Al Quida.....What did Samolia do to us again?????

    BRUNO....I am no ones "stooge" least of all the liberal media as you obviously are......I do my research..... I can back up everything I say with researchable facts..... all I have seen you do is scream "oil" and duck behind your keyboard ......

    According to your logic....If someone makes a buck off the is a false war and we should quit.....using that logic, New York merchants made millions off the Civil War so we should NOT have freed the slaves....

    EDIT....To the rest of the readers out can easily tell when you are winning an arguement......the other person starts calling you names because they ran out of facts

  2. Misunderstanding,  miscalculations, jealousy, progress, nuclear development, border problem, ethnic problem, language problem, economy, price raise, import/export....etc.,

    this is not only to humans, it is also to countries because it is ruled by humans.

  3. These 'homeless people with guns' are well trained KILLERS.  More like rabid dogs.  They will blow up and kill anyone, man woman or children.  Would you prefer to psychoanalyze them, conduct surveys, sit down and reason with them?  When they are looking at you, they are measuring you for where they would place their bullet into you.  

  4. Special interest groups like the "Israel Fan Club" and other businesses like security and weapons LOVE this war. They are getting more money! And guys like "kojak" are stooges of these special interests who don't give the population a d**n!  

  5. When you join the army then you go where the army sends you. No questions.

    If you think the principles of your country aren't worth standing up for by laying your life on the line then a; the army doesn't need pusillanous people like you and b; neither does your country.

    It isn't Iraqi resistance. There is a power struggle going on between several factions. The outcome is still in doubt.

    US military is a player. But even so, can you imagine a regime change in Iraq without the US presence. It'd be a blood bath several orders of magnitude greater than what is going on now.

    US needs to stay there because the entire region is unstable. Expect lots of minor wars like the one in Georgia. Any of these minor conflicts have the potential to engulf the entire region and escalate to global conflict. Aren't you glad USA has a firm piece of strategic ground?

    If you don't like your President then why don't you run for office and do a better job? In my estimation you probably couldn't get elected as dog catcher.

  6. omg i bet your parents were hippies .

  7. The US wants to befriend Iraq and protect innocent Iraqi citizens from terrorists, but some Iraq leaders refuse to trust us and let us help them become a more united country.

    Well, that is what I think.

  8. oil

  9. Beacuase they still have oil, that and I don't think Bush or the army wants to be the one surrendering, they would want th Iraqi forces to be the ones backing down

  10. War will hurt your soul...

  11. America is still at war because a ****** named Bush is too dumb to realize that he's killing his own people and not getting anywhere. Sorry for the foul language.

  12. I think you are a smart young person who already can see far beyond the reality. War is not the answer, but I still support our soldiers wherever they are positioned.

    Be smart and wise. You have seen what others said here. Only you can determine your future. Again, whatever reason is, war is not the answer.

    To answer your question: why are we still at war? Because we haven't made peace with others. Make peace, then we can be at peace.


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