PM's calculation of ERP increase at National Day Rally Speech?

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I have notice that PM Lee's calculation of ERP increase vs Road Tax reduction, that the increase in ERP is only $76 per year. Divided that by 5-day week for a year, it works out to 30cents per day. I have seen my ERP increase by more than double from $2 daily to more than $4 now. Did those genius from the statistic dept got their facts wrong, which is often the case?

If not, they might have pick half the figure from those who pay ERP and the other half who does not need, and get the average. Has they forgotten that most people are working in areas that need to pass through ERP gantries?

Another ivory tower, out of touch issue to think about...




  1. Simple: The ERP hurts those that have to pass the gantries. Many people own cars but rarely use them. They are also calculated in this system. The bottom line is: using your car now costs more, not using it is much cheaper. This furthermore helps economic growth because car sales go up. A win-win situation for the government, and a total loss for car drivers.

  2. Of course they have to get the total amount and then get the average.

    How in the h**l are they going to deal with each individual like you.

  3. You must always remember who pay those statistic genius.

    if they come out with a report saying the truth do u still think they will be able to declare high performance bonus and higher pay increment.

    i think they should let us know where the money collected form ERP are use, to repair and maintain the road or been used to pay wages and bonuses ?

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