Why does everyone say that the Navy is better then the Marines?

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Why does everyone say that the Navy is better then the Marines?




  1. First off - I'm Navy (21 yrs), the United States Marine Corps falls under the Department of the Navy.  We have some snappy uniforms and we do allot of what they say in the other postings. The Navy has excellent technical training in lots of different fields and many times we provide technical other support roles for the Marines (other than serving as their taxi driver).  For technical training - I'd say we have the best - since most Marines attend Navy schools.

    For discipline, honor and commitment the MARINES are #1 out of all the branches of the service as far as I'm concerned. Sure they get bad rap I've heard all the jokes but they are the most disciplined fighting machine in the US military (short of SPEC OPS).

    I have had the privilege to know many Marines and many sailors but I can honestly say that earning the right to wear the uniform of a United States Marine has to be one of the greatest achievements a young person can do.

    I've said my piece and I am NOT a USMC recruiter - just a military man saluting the US Marine Corps.

  2. Well the Navy does have better officer uniforms!

  3. Sure...I'll give my swabbies the spotlight, the deserve it!  They have the best chow than the Marines, best technical jobs than the Marines (Jarheads have only combat-related MOSs, exception of pencil pushers).

    I respect my Navy comrades, especially our Corpsman, even though they're squids, I love 'em!


  5. EVERYONE does not say that.  Each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces has a specific mission and each branch does that mission quite well.  That's like asking which is better, a sniper or a tank driver?  It depends on how well they do the task they are assigned.

    (USN, retired)

  6. Who da heck said that?

  7. Only Navy people say that.

    The "best" branch of service is always the one you're in.

    But face it: Marine Dress Blues win hands down against anyone else's uniforms.

    I have always been a civilian, but am thankful for the service of all people in all the branches of the military.

  8. Better How? The Navy hauls the Marines to where they need to be to do their job AND the MARINEs do the Hard Guard work on the Ships.

    Vet-USAF / Know Many Marine and some Navy

  9. It's called pride in one's service.  Each of the services has a different mission.  I was raised an Air Force brat and joined the Navy almost 19 years ago.  Anyone in the USMC has my respect but I have met very few of them that could survive 90+ days in a submarine (and they freely admit that).  On the flip side I am not sure I could do what they do.  That is what makes our armed forces great, we are a tem, each with it's purpose and we come together to create an unstoppable force.

    I would say that a lot of the young folks joining today are not asking the right questions.  You have to consider what the various services has to offer you, not just what you have to offer the service.  

  10. Who is everyone??

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