If you are in the delayed entry to the Marines, can you back out?

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I saw a video on the news about a kid wanting to back out, but was told he couldn't even though he was in the delayed entry program. They video taped the recruiter saying it was considered AWOL or something, but in truth there is a way. Is this true? Can someone back out? Or is it too late?




  1. Not true - you can back out of the DEP at any time.

  2. you can back out, in fact when I was in boot camp we had a guy freak out and they told him he would be out and it would be as if he were never there, no discharge classification or veterans status, just a torn up contract and a flight home.

  3. If you're enlisted into the DEP then you can still back out because you have not officially started your contract with the Marine Corps (that starts the 2nd time you take the oath at MEPS prior to leaving for boot camp). All you need to do is inform the recruiter that you no longer intend to join and write a letter to the stations commander saying that you wish to be released from the DEP.


  5. just don't show up on the day u suppose to ship for bootcamp..ur not a soldier yet..

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