Are the Russians going any further than S. Ossetia???

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I heard on CNN by one of the Russian ambassadors that they are only trying to gain control of S.O. But I'm not buying it. Do you think they will try to take over Georgia???




  1. ya, theyve placed troops and bombed places elsewhere. they have been looking for an excuse to invade them for a long time. how else would those tanks get there so fast? they only go 25 mph and russia doesnt have any cargo planes to transport them with. so the logical explanation would be they stationed them near the georgian-russian border

  2. The Wars do not begin unexpectedly, in general probably great victory - finish the war before the first shot, as to all appearances tried to do Russia.. And realy so strangely that Russia was able quickly to mobilize their own power?..

  3. Yes it looks like Russia is exploiting the situation to either take back some of the Georgia's part, or the entire country altogether.

    Russia may also have seen this as an opportunity to disrupt the oil pipeline passing through Georgia and "regain" their superpower status which they think was usurped when USA supported Georgia becoming a member of NATO and supplying them weapons and military trainings.

  4. Can you spell "OIL"??

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