Becoming a US NAVY Officer

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#1) Is it hard to do? I want to go into the Navy but only as an officer. I have a 4 year degree in Middle School Education.

#2) If i complete officer school am i gauranteed to a be an officer?

#3) Could I just do a 4 year term and then get out?





  1. what ever you do i really wish you luck...:-)

  2. Whatever you do remember to get it in writing and talk to the Officer Recruiter, they may even help pay off any student loans if they have a need for whatever specialty you would be eligible for ( I doubt you'd be a line officer).

  3. You need to speak to an officer recruiter.  There are different types of officers each with a different professional function.  Examples include, Surface Warfare Officer (SWO), Supply Officer, Intelligence Officer, Engineering Duty Officer, and the list goes on.

    The recruiter will help you document everything and put in an officer package.  If you are selected (selection opportunities vary by specialty) then you will attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) which recently moved to Newport, Rhode Island.  

    The only officer program that requires a longer than 4 year commitment is if you choose nuclear training (I think they require a 6 year commitment).  Supply tends to like business degrees though there are exceptions.  SWO tends to be pretty easy to get into primarily due to the demand for SWO trained officers onboard all surface ships.

    Good Luck!

  4. I dunno about only 4 years U enlist you cannot get out.

    And you DO kow it is very dangerous? My uncle died in Iraq a little over a year ago... so I know how it feels to lose someone in action. And if u really wanna do it, follow your dreams. I won't tell you otherwise because it is wrong for me to tell you to go against your dreams

    But I will tell you if you are OKAY with the circumstances... conditions... and sacrifices, I am sure you will make a fine officer. I'll pray and GL helping out country. :D

  5. i can tell you where not to go lightly on. and that is to Pick a specialty field that you definitely can use when and if you get out. Research this first.

  6. Well first ill try to answer the questions

    1. Not really, your only problem is that your major may not be something the navy deems appropriate.

    2. Yes, you wont get into the program if the Navy wasn't set on making you an officer

    3. Yes, usually you start with a 4 year contract

    Eventually you'll need to talk to a recruiter which im sure they would be glad to do, give one a call. If you have a friend in the Navy tell the recruiter they referred you when you sign up then ther get a few thousand dollars!

  7. you talk to the recuriter on what you do and get moving yes you can be in office school but you have to ask how to go about it i have no idea. take care and good luck yes you can do

  8. well i wanted to become a fighter pilot but was too tall i guess theres a height limit but I'm also 6 feet 11 in.

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