The only one who agrees with Russia, is Russia!?

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The entire international community is condemning Russia's actions as barbaric, disproportionate and out of order. All 25 members of the security council put forward a resolution for ceasefire, which Russia keeps using it's veto capability to stop. The only nation agreeing with Russia sitting around that sphere like table, is Russia.

Now, of course if you read Russian newspapers, websites or watch Russian news (RussiaToday as it's called) they will be supporting Russia and condemning Georgia. But that's because there state controlled! The Kremlin is telling them what to say!

Now i watch my own news channels, that are free and independent and they are all condeming Russia!

Poland, Chezhrepublic, Latvia, Luithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romainia have released a joint statement condeming Russia saying it is trying to control the will of other peoples! Ukraine now fears it's next in line, after Georgia.




  1. i wonder how u found out tht russian news are controlled by kremlin and urs are free? :) really, share me the facts u have, im so curious about that one

    already mentioned many times - check the german press, they agree with russia :) didnt check any other media other than russian, german and usa, so i can add nothing more

    as for lithuana, latvia and estonia - they are known for hating russians, so its pretty easy to understand, lets not talk bout the stuff tht u just heard of and knowed nothing of beforem the stuff with there 3 countries has a big pre-history

    edit: to marina s oh for god sakes stop it already, its so annoying really, are u like a spam bot or smthing?

  2. Russia is backing the separation of ossetia from georgia. Like how we backed the separation of kosovo from serbia.

    Funny, we support break off of serbian land when we gain control of its oil pipelines, but when break off of ossetia from georgia causes loss of oil pipelines, we oppose it.

    we need to stick to our own half of the planet. that is russia neighborhood.

  3. The only other person who agrees with Russia is an ultra liberal called Barack (ZERO)bama.

  4. People of the world. You deceive! World mass media conduct propagation of a false information. Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia! 07.08.2008 at 22:00 Georgia has attacked South Ossetia. At 3:30 08.08.2008 tanks of the Georgian armies have entered into city Tskhinvali. Artillery bombardment all the day long proceeded, fights with use of tanks and heavy combat material, both against ossetic armies, and against peace inhabitants were conducted. 2000 civil people already were lost. The Russian peacemakers have arrived to South Ossetia in the evening 08.08.2008 for settlement of the conflict and prompting of the world in republic and protection of the Russian citizens living on territory of South Ossetia. Georgia has attacked South Ossetia on eve of Olympiad, it is top of cruelty and cynicism. Proofs and video-materials look on : , , , , , ,

  5. I am sure some people here are cheering for the Russians.  Nothing surprises me about some views I have seen in this country.

    This is the true sign that Russia still needs to be watch carefully.

    McCain was right about Putin 'When I look into his eyes I see three letters KGB.'

  6. Stop watching your "own" news channels and pray nothing like that ever happens in your homeland!!!  

  7. Marina S, everywhere i go, your same God d**n answer is there, will you stop copying the same answer and pasting it a 100 times. I don't even think your allowed to do this, because it's cheating to get points. STOP IT!  

  8. Well they would wouldn't they it's in their interest to side with the U.S. point of view.Fact is Georgia attacked Ossettia then ran away with its tail between its legs when it didn't get the backing it expected.Wont be trying that in a hurry.What about the two thousand massacred Ossettians,will we just gloss over that,eh?

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