What should I write on an Engagement Card?

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Some Religon and warm wording in it.





  1. please come over

  2. write the address and all of the engagement must come

  3. ''Congratulations on your engagement. May the lord guide you into eternal happiness'' ??? Am I even close??

  4. i wrote:

    dear ____ and _____,

    we wish you all the best in prosperity and happiness. we hope you succeed in moving on to the next step of your lives.


    da rechdounis.

    peace out hodo $$$~$$$

  5. Wish then all the best for their future and if its family or best friends send them all your love

  6. For the wonderful couple

    Who have made the first step

    To commit their lives together

    For the future that lies ahead

    May all of God’s blessings

    Abound toward you

    Now and for always

    As you prepare to say “I do”.

    © By M.S.Lowndes.

    As you both prepare

    For the big day ahead

    When you say your ‘I do’s’

    And the love you will pledge

    May this time right now

    Be happy and blessed

    And may you find love

    In God’s tenderness.

    © By M.S.Lowndes.

    There's more on the website. =D

  7. Here's raising a toast,

    to wish you both...

    The most wonderful of times together always!


  8. "I love you."

    "I pray that we will live happily ever after."

    "God believes in us.."

    I dont know lol..

  9. "I'm engaged.

    Send me free stuff."

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