Elopement with children present?

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We are eloping, we have 3 children - 13 daughter, 6 son, 2 son. We would like to include them in the ceremony, but we are not having family or friends pressent as most who we would have there live in other parts of the country. So its kind of an elopement with kids there, and my daughter is not my partners biological child, so the wedding is important for the children also.

We dont have many ideas on how to do an elopement like this? We thought maybe at a beach, what would we wear if its not a wedding? Any ideas on an elopement? Thanks




  1. Sure, why not, a big family vacation with a wedding in it, why not.

    Don't know anything about your finances, but check out a simple ceremony at Disneyword, and the rest of the vacation is obvious.

    I know the Disney people have packages in several price ranges, might want to check it out.  

  2. This is your special day. You get to choose any place within your budget. LOL

    If you have it at a beach you and your daughter could wear ankle length sundresses without shoes with a flower in your hair.

    Have your "men" wear linen pants and simple button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up.

    You could all wear white, or any similar color. I would go with lightweight fabrics and no shoes.

  3. The definition of elopement means . . to run away secretly in order to get married.  Your are not really "eloping" because you are not "running away."

    When two people are "joined in matrimony" that is called a wedding.  You do not have to wear a bridal gown and a tuxedo and walk down the aisle in a church to have "a wedding." A wedding can occur any place, anytime.  You can have a romantic, intimate, small family wedding at a beach, at a resort, at a country inn, at a bed and breakfast or at a small hotel.

    If you wish to have "a casual" or "informal wedding" on the beach then buy a nice sundress for yourself and for your daughter. Buy a white one for yourself and buy either a white or a flowered print sundress for your daughter. Your husband can wear a nice white short sleeved shirt with casual slacks or shorts.  The boys can wear the same.  Both you and your daughter can wear flowers in your hair and carry a small bouquet of roses or daisies or cali lilies.

    At the end of the ceremony you can throw rose petals or small sea shells into the water together to signify your new life "as a family."  And after the ceremony go out for dinner "at a nice restaurant" to celebrate your wedding day.  And if you make reservations ahead of time, you may even be able to order a small wedding cake or fancy cupcakes for dessert (the restaurant may have their own bakery or knows someone who makes cakes and desserts).

    Answered by:  A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant


  4. Usually when you elope you get married by a justice of the peace.  But you can always arrange to have a minister do it.  Just make sure you have everything arranged beforehand.  You can have whomever there that you like, including your children.  Just make sure you have the 2 required adult witnesses.  Pick a place where you'd like to honeymoon or vacation with your children, wear your best or favorite clothes (or buy a new dress if you like) and get yourself a pretty bouquet to hold.  Since you are eloping, you can do whatever you want!  Just do whatever will make you feel happy and special and give you and your children good memories of your wedding day.

    Congratulations and good luck!

  5. Hi and congratulations!

    Really, you are not eloping as that is usually running away in secret and coming back and saying...."guess what?  we are married!"

    What you are having is a nice small family wedding!  Perfect!!

    So, if it was me, I would most certainly wear a wedding dress!  Since you are having a small ceremony, you would not want something over the top.  Look at all the "destination" types of dresses or "informal" types of dress like these:

    There are lots more...these are only a few.

    If you like the beach....definitely have it at the beach!

    ~ Check wtih the city office where the beach is located.  Some require a permit for a wedding, but most do not.  It depends on the city.

    ~ Then, call the courthouse of the city where the beach is located to secure a judge or justice of the peace to come to your ceremony.

    ~ Apply for your marriage license and that's it!

    IF you do want to invite family and friends....go right ahead!  Have a small party with cake and punch after at your house or a dinner.  Whatever you want. can always go out to eat also.

    Those are my thoughts.  Good luck and I hope your day is beautiful!

  6. that is so romantic and so personal to add the children.go for it.

  7. Eloping can be merely holding a private ceremony.  It can be whatever you want it to be and you can wear whatever you want.  I think you are wise to include your children.  However, elopement sometimes indicates going off to get married at the spur of the moment, and it would be unwise to do that --the children, especially the oldest one, should be in on the plans to some extent with some advance notice.  Best wishes!

  8. An elopement is still a wedding, just very small and private.  Dress for the location you choose.  Beach- long flowy dress or white sundress would be great.  Whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in.

    Take a look at the Beaches resorts.  They are for families and all inclusive.  Also, with a minimum night stay you get a free wedding, and then you will be on your honeymoon after. And they offer child care so you can have some time alone too.

  9. It's still a wedding even though you are eloping and you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in!  If it's on a beach, your future hubby could wear a pair of chinos and a white/ivory shirt and you could wear a white or ivory sun dress.  I agree a beach type area would be a beautiful casual, yet romantic spot, but be sure to check into marriage license requirements for wherever you choose to go as there may be residency requirements (unless of course it's Vegas, which may not be a bad plan as there are tons of things to do there for the whole family).

    I think it's lovely that you are going to include your children, and there are so many options of where you guys can go, but I think you might want to consider having someone else come along to be able to watch them such that you and your hubby can enjoy a little alone time.  I know that your daughter probably watches your sons for you, but in hotels, it's always a good idea to have an adult supervisor.  Just a thought.

    Enjoy your day!  I'm sure it will be lovely!

  10. I think that this is a beautiful idea, a beach would be lovely, just because it isn't a 'wedding' doesn't mean you can't have a weeding dress if that's what you what, you could wear a gorgeous silky dress with your hair all natural and no shoes on your feet if it were on a beach. i say go for the beach idea, it's so  romantic!!


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