How long is it best to wait to get engaged?

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i love my boyfriend very much and live with him been together 5months now and i dont ever want to lose him how long is it best to wait before getting engaged?




  1. This has happened way too fast, 5 months and you already live with him ?

    I have known my fiance since dec 06 and engaged since april this year.

    We are not living together because we have chosed to wait until we get married, we have both been married before so we are not kids.

    You can get engaged at any time if its both what you want there is no time limit to anything like that or even getting married. Practically speaking you can do what you want if you are over the age of consent.

    Where it gets complicated is in the feelings you have for each other people change when they have been together for a while and thats because the euphoria that everyone feels at the beginning of a new relationship with someone special does not last.

    You have to be prepared for the worst and be able to deal with that as well as the good times.

    Of course you are experiencing emotions with him because he has touched your heart like no other but be sensible and accept that life has ups and downs and you have to be able to cope with both.

    If you want advice and not a divorce then I would say by all means get engaged if that is what you both want but leave the final commitment until you have lived together for a few years.

    Good luck.

  2. 5 months is too fast, it's not even enough time to get to truly no someone, I say a minimum of a year. Don't rush him or yourself, or rush into something you're not ready for. Just because you get engaged or married doesn't mean you won't ever loose him. It's better to look deep before you leap as they used to say.


  3. Just do it when the time is right. What the big rush for.

  4. 5 months is to soon. i have been with my guy for a year. we are getting married in 2010. so that gives us years to wait, you never want to jump into anything to soon. but my paster waited a week before he poped the question and him and his wife have been married for years. it all depends. most people should wait untill they know its right. give it time before your quirks come out. then see if you still feel the same way.

  5. There is no "best" time for this. The time to get engaged is when you are both really sure that that is what you both want, and want to spend your lives together, Good luck.

  6. Babe you'll lose him with that attitude maybe he doesn't feel the same way.

  7. I think you can get engaged as soon as you both feel that you want to take things one step further towards planning a future together, how long you stay engaged before you get married? well that's a different thing altogether!

  8. It depends on your rate of communication, my boyfriend and I are both very verbal and very comfortable with eachother, we've met eachother's extended family, we've explored events together, we've spend long periods of time together, and every moment we feel like we know eachother inside and out, but every day even after two years we find stuff out about eachother. You really have to gage it. Waiting to get engaged shouldn't signify doubt, you can still have commitment without a wedding in the near future.

  9. Well, i am NOT going to be one of those people who sits here and say "it's too soon" or whatever.. I finally hooked up with one of my mates (who i had loved for years) in February of this year, we got engaged in April, and were married in June. Some people might say it was too soon, but only the couple in the relationship can say when things are happening too quickly. Go for it girl - be happy!

  10. Its not about a time hunny, its about deciding that you guys want to spend the rest of your lives together. To journey each others dreams together.  

  11. Only you can answer this question. I was with my ex for 4 years and still didn't feel ready to marry him. I met my now fiance and 6 months later we were engaged. I love him very much and I wouldn't ask for a single thing to change. If he feels the same for you then it's ok for you guys to at least start talking about the possibility. I'm happy for you :) It's a great great feeling!

  12. well me and my fiance were together 7 months when we got engaged.   at the end of the day when you know you know.  ppl say we have rushed it..esp as when we get married in nov we will only have been together 1 year and 2 months but so what?  there are people out there who are together 5 years before getting engaged and still get divorced.  how successful your marriage is is not determined on how long you dated but how much you love eachother and how much effort you put into your marriage.

  13. Give it at least a couple of years???????

  14. My fiance and I have been together for about 3 years... so... it's hard to tell, it's up to you.

  15. 5 months?! whoaa hunny slow down ur still getting to know each other if u still feel the same in a couple of yrs then go for it. i been with my guy over 5 YEARS lol n finally were thinkin bout gettin engaged very soon(apparently!!!) then married possibly 2010!! weve been together since we were teenagers tho. get to know eachother first then if alls the same go for it,rushing will just put pressure on u



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