What would be a good substitute for a wedding arch or chuppah?

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Our wedding will be in a garden, and I will be entering through a beautiful flowered arch before I walk down the aisle. Because of that, I think it would be overkill to have two arches, but I feel like we should have something for me, my fiance and our officiant to stand in front of, to make us stand out. Any suggestions?




  1. See if you can rent potted palm trees or something for the background, or some sort of plant on a trellis.  Some florists might already have something.  It should be some sort of flowers or plants, at different heights, the taller in the middle.  Or have a table, covered in a tablecloth with potted palms and ferns on it, with battery operated candles.  It wouldn't cost much either to make your own trellis, like three of 4x8 make into like a room divider with hinges and cover them with ivy and flowers.  Just stake it down good.  Best wishes on your wedding.  

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