Do we really need a honeymoon?

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Can't we just take 2 weeks off and stay at home, enjoy our new wedded bliss and each other, and save the money? We can travel when we're better off financially, right?




  1. You don't have to have a honeymoon. My husband and I just got married three months ago and we have yet to go on our honeymoon. We just got word within the past couple of weeks that some good friends of ours are getting married in November of '09 and they wanted to know if we wanted to do a group honeymoon. If we had gone off on our own we would've missed an opportunity to share this experience with some great friends. Obviously we'll have two separate hotel rooms (how else would it be a honeymoon?)

    It's totally up to you two as a couple to decide what to do and don't let everyone else's "opinion" (because that's all it is) bother you or sway your decision. Happy planning!

  2. You really don't honeymoon, do like I did when I got married and didn't have enough money, we stayed home and had a great honeymoon that didn't cost us much.

  3. Yes, have a honeymoon.  Even if it's just a few days at nearby motel, you will never regret doing this.  Our honeymoon was only three days at the beach, and we had the time of our lives.  It compliments the wedding, and brings you even closer.  You'll have those memories forever, don't deny yourself even a simple couple of days away at a motel, have a nice dinner, have fun.  People treat you special when they know it's your honeymoon too.  The hotel may even give you a bottle of champagne!  Go for it, you'll never regret it, even if it's just for a long weekend.  

    Edit:  Just read something else you added.  Please do not lie to your friends and family.  Just tell them your honeymoon is a secret and you'll be gone for a few days.  You don't want to start your married life out with a lie like that.  They come back to bite you in the ****.

  4. Honeymoons are completely optional.  If you want to put it off until you can afford it better, that's perfectly fine.  Don't worry about what anyone else thinks.  Do what's right for you.  

    I want to go on a honeymoon, but my fiance doesn't want the stress of traveling so soon after the wedding.  So we're staying home, but I hope to be schlepping him to Hawaii or Costa Rica in the near future!

  5. you can do as you like but its just so nice to have that time away together. You don't have to spend alot of money on a honeymoon.just do a 3 to 4 day thing somewhere that doesn't cost to much.

  6. yes have a honeymoon, it doesn't need to be somewhere exotic, just a few nights away for you both to relax and get over all the trauma of the run up to your wedding. needn't cost the earth, but I honestly think you will feel better and ready to start married life together after a short break

  7. sure you girlies wanna show off and be the center of attention for a wedding but what's gonna happen when your friends say "what did you do on your honeymoon?" and then you reply, "Aw nothing , just went to spend ONE night at a hotel", or, "just went to the movies..". How Boring...It doesn't make sense to spend $6,500 on a wedding and not have a honey moon. At least make some effort to do something that you don't normally do.

  8. you can do what ever you want  i had no honeymoon my second marriage my first one wasn't much

  9. Sure! You dont have to go on a honeymoon. Just keep in mind, if you are planning to have kids and you put off the honeymoon now and other things start to become more important, you might never go on the honeymoon. Or maybe you will, if thats a priority for you two. Im just saying if you think you would regret it later, make an effort to at least take a short romantic getaway sometime soon after getting married. If it really doesnt matter to you, then stay home and enjoy!

  10. you can do that if you choose, but try day trips or at least a weekend away.  I know a lot of people who opted fr that.  but some do regret not going away.  Its a once and a life time being a newly wed.  So try for a night or two away and then stay home and enjoy eachother and saving the rest of the $$.  

  11. HI, look honey in the first place i would like to tell u this, that  the first few years of marriage are the actual days of enjoyment for a couple coz as and when u start getting children and ur age becomes older and older the love b|w u guys starts getting divided and decreased so why stay at home and get bored by getting up each morning and find the same things over n over again .Have some difference,common enjoy these days to d best.  at lest though not abroad go to some places inside india itself n hopefuly it wont cost u much too.places like darjelling ,ootie,mysore are worth visiting .

    good luck n enjoy urself !!!

  12. its a pretty good idea to just stay home with him, I mean like it doesn't really matter where your at, just that your withyour loved one(s)

    right? if your financially not fit to go on a honeymoon, then don't have one.

  13. Amen! Perfectly said.  And so incredibly true.  That's what we're doing.  

  14. Take the time for great memories.  

  15. yes. Imagine the stark minute you are the bride and the next minute you are making the bed and washing the dishes.  

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  17. I don't think you need a honeymoon. What my future husband and I are doing is we are staying 1 night at a hotel. Since our ceremony and reception are at a mountain bed and breakfast we just booked a room there for our wedding night. Its much better than the alternative, which was sleep on an air mattress in the living room at one of our parents' houses (since we recently moved to a town 2 hours away, but are being married in our hometown, so driving back that night is out of the question.)

    I think staying at home together is romantic enough. You have your whole lives ahead of you to travel.  

  18. A honeymoon is a honeymoon equal value no matter where it is spent. Can be in another state, another country, at a location for a day or in your very own home.

    If that is what you both want to do, do it!

    Unplug the phones. Leave it off the ringer. Being at home invitues unwanted guest sometimes. Enjoy your new marriage in your very own home but make it clear of the boundries of disturbance.

  19. The question as a guy is do we really need a Wedding, i mean if my girlfriend wan't a wedding im not going to try and talk her out of it because it's a women's dream to wear the white dress and show off with her friend's and i wont mind it being ethnic and all with my parents and the family its exciting but costly, but most definently there has to be a honeymoon i mean for me i would prefer a honeymoon over a wedding anyday because with the honeymoon im paying for something im going to really enjoy and benefit but with the wedding its expensive just to impress people and feed them and all. So i would rather invest that money into a who's your daddy honeymoon and have a really good time just you and your other half

    so i think its really important for the relationship to have a honeymoon and spend some alone time with eachother purely on relaxation and enjoyment

  20. Dude, honeymoons are so old-school. Just go bowling during happy hour, and catch a movie afterwards. Oh yea, congratulations!

  21. I don't think you need one at all. And no one should judge your decision, either!

    If you're stayig at home, you're saving money, it's more relaxed, everythings right where you need it and you're close to your family and friends!

    If you're staying at home, make it more special by buying really nice food to make nice meals, or go out for dinner! Plan to eat at the dining table, and dont forget to light candles and use nice cutlery (You'll probably get tons of those as gifts, anyway!)

    Re-arrange some furniture to make it seem different and special. im in melbourne, and in the city theres horse-and-carriage rides, and the carriages are so cute! Its very expensive (about $50 for 20 a minute ride - can fit up to 6 people in a carriage) but its definitely worth it!

    Dont lie to people. If they find out, it can hurt not only them, but you as well. Not to mention ruining your honeymoon and trust between you all.

    Just tell them you're planning on staying at home for your Honeymoon. Act confident when you say it; theyre less likely to judge, and you wont feel as embarassed if they comment. You shouldnt feel awkward announcing that you're staying home. Its a personal decision, and a HUGE moneysaver. Instead of worrying about the price you're paying for airfares, you could be relaxing at home, knowing that you can pretty much spend whatever you want without over-budgeting.

    Good luck; hope you have a fun time!


  22. Of coarse you can stay home. You don't HAVE to do anything you don't want lol. Its probably quite sensible to save it for later on if you don't have the funds right now. Congrats and good luck!

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