What is the # 1 contaminant of aircraft fuel?

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What is the # 1 contaminant of aircraft fuel?




  1. Water. Aircraft that are parked overnight must have their fuel system sumps sampled each morning to indicate water is or is not present.

    years as a commercial aircraft refueler

  2. water, just fill up your tank at the end of the day to avoid condensation.

  3. Water--

    Either from a leaky cap, humidity that has condensed due to condenstion,  rain when refueling..

    Water can starve an engine in large quanites, form ice that can block fuel flow in lines and filters, and also harbor microorgainisms that can cause sludge that can clog a fuel filter..

  4. More than likely, water from condensation in the fuel tanks on board.

  5. A pilot miscalculations.

  6. Probably rust.    

    As jet fuel is basically kerosene with anti icing additives the water would at the bottom.

  7. O ha I like Thom's answer , anyway , number one is water that condenses , that is why you should top off your tanks at the end of a day.Number two would be the O-ring caps where you stick the fuel tester into they sometimes disintegrate in the fuel tank.

  8. Water. Long term storage would also require the use of an anti-microbial growth agent.

  9. Gotta be H2O.

  10. first two got it right water moisture, they even have amoeba develop in tanks if unchecked.

  11. water

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