How to make an hot air ballon?

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I have to make one for chemistry class, and i need to know different ways to make a hot air balloon.






  1. You can actually use thin paper and glue. Hang a tea candle underneath for heat. Cut diamond shapes and paste the edges together, leaving a three inch or four inch hole at the bottom. Hang the candle about three or four inches underneath. You'll need to expirement with a vent in the top to keep the right temperature for it to float neutrally. Unless you just want it to take off.

  2. One extra long dry cleaning type garment bag.

    Four thin plastic drinking straws

    20 birthday candles

    Scotch tape.


    1. Push each pair of straws into each other about 1/2 inch to make two long straws.


    2. Hold straws in the middle in an cross shape and tape middle to retain shape.


    3. With scotch tape, tape each candle onto the straw assembly, five on each cross member, towards the center, evenly spaced, and all pointing in one direction.


    4.Tape securely with the candles pointing up to the bottom at the opening in bag on each end of straws.  Check bag for any holes or openings.  Tape over them if minimal.


    5. A cool night is best for launch.


    6 . Get a friend to hold the bag from the top while you stoop down and light all the candles.


    7. When ready to launch the bag will be noticeably warm and tacky to the touch.  


    8.Hold on to the bag lightly and allow it to rise on it own.  It will rise up into the sky and soar for miles.


    9.The candles will begin to drop off and go out at high altitude and although the fire hazard is minimal, I've launched many without incident but I'm still including the warning: NOT RECOMMENDED IN WOODED AREAS



  3. As a kid, I used to make mine with 9x12 foot sheets of plastic drop cloth, the thinner the better, and the cheaper. I'd just tape it into a cylinder or cut to bottom to a taper shape. I would heat it with sterno cans, over the chimney, or even with an electric space heater. As long the outside ambient air temperature was cold enough, the wind was calm, and power lines were far away, I could release it and get a few minutes of ghostly floating and some tree-top altitude out of it.

    I never fixed a heating device to these balloons, for safety reasons.

    Later I just bought the real thing and earned my FAA certificate for commercial pilot of a hot-air balloon w/airborne heater.

    Great fun. Soft breezes and gentle landings....

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