(for the microsoft flight simulator 2004...) how do you engage the ILS on either the boeing 747 or 777?

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(for the microsoft flight simulator 2004...) how do you engage the ILS on either the boeing 747 or 777




  1. Peedlepup that wasn't very nice.  What about the poor pilots who put nav cards into their coupled GPSs while they fly their 'real' planes around the country.

    The other answerers have it.  For someone who flies both real and simulated aircraft you can learn a lot about one from the other and it goes both ways.

  2. Flight Simulator questions belong in the "GAMES" section. This is the "TRANSPORTATION" category for questions about real, tangible aircraft, not pretend ones from a computer game.

    Here is a simple hint:  If you "fly" your airplane by putting a disc in a computer or game console you are not a pilot, you're a gamer, so your question does not belong here.

    Edit for "Calnickle" :  I would not board any aircraft that had a crew on the flight deck using a $79 computer toy to hone their navigational skills.  Using your logic the people who want to learn how to drive a car can do so by playing "Grand Theft Auto", but how strange it is that  gamers who  pretend to drive cars NEVER post questions in the"CARS" sub-category. Obviously they are smart enough to figure out the difference. Read the Community Guidelines section on "where to properly post questions".

    PS: Why are your Q&A's private?  Got something to hide?

  3. press the 'APP' button.

  4. when u are about to land...go to map and then find your airport where u wish to land, double click it, and you should get some info.......but look where it says ils frequency, and then put that in your radio stack in nav 1.  make sure your app is on........when you are close enough there should be a beeping noise (that means its tracked the runway) and switch the k**b from gps to nav. thats about  it

  5. tune the ILS frequency into your nav 1 or 2 radio... engage that, then engage the autopilot's approach button, by first engaging autopilot then pressing the "APP" button.

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