Why does everybody say that Flight Simulator questions should be posted in the "games" section, not "aircraft"

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i have posted a question about Flight simulator in the games section and have gotten stupid answers for it so i am just wondering why people say that Flight Simulator questions should be posted in the games section and not Aircraft, because most people in aircraft know what they are talking about... who cares if it's real world or not, it's asking for the same thing... help...




  1. Because they want to feel superior rather than helping someone.  

    They don't realize that many people who fly flight simulators are keeping their dream of flying alive, as much as a previous generation did standing by the airport fence.  Maybe they can't be a pilot due to medical, financial, or age related reasons.  Maybe they don't want a 20 year slog through the charters, regionals, and big airline unions so they can fly a 777.

    Most of the 'real' procedures used in 'real' aircraft apply to the simulated ones as well; especially instrument procedures and flight profiles/performance.  Instead of pilots turning people to the games section where there is as much genuine aviation knowledge as the jokes and riddles section has, maybe they could enlighten someone and maybe learn a thing themselves (!) too.

  2. Because flight simulator programs are sold as games most people think thats what they are and thats because most people have never touched the real thing and don't know the difference.

  3. Either way, you'll get dumb answers, but most of the people in the gaming section think "Flight Simulator" translate to "Ace Combat". Whatever poeple say, you should post it in aircraft where you're going to find people who are serious enough. Unfortunately,some are TOO serious, but thats unavoidable. I'll be happy to take a shot at your flight sim questions.

  4. I might say that because I'm a pilot and I don't know how to play flight simulator games.  It's also not the same.  I guess it depends on the question.  If you are asking how to work the program, that should be in computers.  If you are asking how to fly the plane, and it is the same in a real aircraft, that might work out better here.  Perhaps you should leave out the part about it being on a game simulation, since if you are asking about how to operate an aircraft, and you believe it's the same on the game, the fact that it's on a game wouldn't matter.  Right?  For example, if you ask me if I usually land with flaps 40, I could answer that.  But, if you want to know how to put the flaps to 40 on a flight sim, I would have no idea.  I'm sure a fellow computer gamer would know.  Hope that helps you.

  5. If its a flying question sure, post it hear. But we get allot of bull c**p about how to make my airplane this color, or what key do you push to make the flaps retract and c**p like that. If you're building a model of a corvette and cant figure out how the tires go on are you going to ask in the automotive section?

  6. flight simulator is based on aircraft, but is a game. it really can be posted in both, really. good question.

  7. It depends on the question.

    For example asking about engaging the autopilot in the real world and asking for the key press sequence for engaging the autopilot in a Flight Sim has lots of differences. A pilot or an engineer can help with the former while you will need a gamer for the latter. This section has more of pilots, mechanics and aspirants and less of gamers. That is why you get that comment. On in other words, this is a more practical section. Ask practical questions and you are sure to get a few good answers, ask for key sequences, you might get a redirection.

  8. i think it's cos they r sadoz who have nothing better to do don't worry about it if  u r askin the same thing then why does it matter ??? lol

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