Can I become an Air Force pilot after I become 28?

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I almost reaching the cut off age time and I would really like to fly. If I cannot make it with the Air Force, I would just have them pay my education in a flight school.




  1. It's unlikely that you'll make a pilot slot. But you have a couple of options that are really good. I have a buddy who had the same proble. He went ahead and joined up. He spent a few years in the AF in a couple of mechanics positions. When he got out, he had airframe and powerplant certifications and the GI bill to put him through flight school. He's about half done with flight school now and is in a great position for hiring (dual rated pilot) when he's done. The largest reason to go ahead and get in is ,even if you get a job that stinks, the flight school won't put you in debt afterward. Either way, good luck!

  2. Why not become a US Army 153A helicopter aviator Warrant Officer? You have until 33 years old to qualify for the program, and you can apply for an age waiver to the selection board. Warrant Officers are the best kept secret in the Army, they tend to have the best of both world in the Army, very good pay, not as much duty besides flying a helicopter. Many former Army helicopter pilots get out to go fly for airlines. A friend of mine flew for 6 years with the Army and now is a 5 year co-pilot with Northwest Airlines.

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  3. Might be kinda tough with the USAF...try the US ARMY's ROTC or Warrant Officer programs...besides the US Army has the largest air fleet in the world anyway so your odds are with them.....but if UAVs continue, they wont need any pilots!!

  4. Ya mannnn

  5. You must be an officer to fly, and must have a college degree to be an officer.

  6. Okay, well sounds like you have everything figured out so I don't really get what your question is.

  7. WARNING:  Pilot slots in the Air Force are fiercely competed for, and you'd be at a disadvantage being so close to the cut-off age.  You also have to be a commissioned officer, and the commissioning process takes time.  If you're within a year of the cut-off, chances are you won't make it.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no sense in wasting a lot of time and effort for nothing.

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