John Terry: Wayne Rooney Ideal for Chelsea F.C.

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John Terry: Wayne Rooney Ideal for Chelsea F.C.
With rumours circulating on the future plans of Manchester United player Wayne Rooney, there isn’t any shortage of hysteria in England and Manchester right now. The player, who has openly stated his desire to exit the outfit that
has held on to him for over 5 years, is one of the hottest prospects being evaluated by the European Clubs. Where many believe the forward has been lacking in mental patience to address the issues concerning his presence in the club, there are various clubs
looking to tie the knot with the England international and incorporate him in their formation.
Defender John Terry of Chelsea has been the latest figure to express his desire for having Wayne Rooney play for the Stamford Bridge Blues. The former English captain said, according to the Associated Press, that Wayne would fit
perfectly in the club and would be an excellent signing if Old Trafford allows the striker to move out of the side.
The 24-year-old forward has been at odds with club manager Alex Ferguson, over lack of assurances provided for winning major titles in the coming campaigns. His emphasis has generally been on improving the current United squad
but a failure to convince him has led to a conclusion in the contract signing. Further reports claim that the striker has angered his club management by demanding 150,000 pounds a week (after tax) and a transfer request in January.
Carlo Ancelotti has been spectacular for Chelsea and his low spending practices have been a revelation for a club that has dished out huge amounts of money in the past to acquire the services of famous football stars. With the
current campaign progressing in slow motion, the side will look to add in power to the bench and even though it may not seem likely, club owner Roman Abramovich has the finances to deal with that possibility.
At the end of the day, John Terry had a few remarks for the forward and this is what he said: "Wayne is the best young player in the world. I am no different to any other player in saying that. You obviously have to respect Manchester
United and Wayne, but who knows what's going to. We've got a great squad of players and he would add to that and strengthen the squad. He is the best player in the world for me."



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