Carlo Ancelotti right to rest John Terry

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Carlo Ancelotti right to rest John Terry? Chelsea needs all the help they can get and when you rest your star player along with it you rest your chances. People shouldn't forget, football stars have personal life, some players manage to keep it out of the tabloids others can't but when you are famous there are lot of people out there to get you, for your money and for your fame. What John did he has to live with it but for Carlo to rest him to deal with his issues doesn't make sense.

John Terry should be playing more games and this is more important now than ever before for number of reasons:

1. it would take his mind off and give the guy some break
2. it would increase his chance of playing for england if he continues to play for Chelsea. if chelsea rests him, the england manager might do the same.
3. game of football should be bigger than personal affairs of some of the players
4. if john is taken out of the game, along with it will go chelsea's chance and as a hardcore Chelsea fan i don't give twoshits about what he did in his personal life.
5. every footballer has skeleton in his closet; you would have to take them all out
6. John Terry is just to good to be sitting out.
3. Carlo Ancelotti needs a life

Headlines have been saturated by Terry's alleged affair with the ex-girlfriend of England team-mate Wayne Bridge but it takes two to clap. At this point no one knows the real truth.



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