should John Terry still lead England at the world cup

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should John Terry still lead England at the world cup? i mean isn't the nation much more important than one or two players personal life. he is the best england got and taking him out just cause what he did in his personal life is bag of bull. All the players who are playing childish school yard games should not forget "England" is bigger than all of them put together.

The management and the players who are giving Terry hard time should grow up, they are all professionals who should be able to put off the field matters behind them. They should play their hearts out and without Terry odds for England winning will reduce substantially.

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  1. Brian
    2253 - surely it be better for the team to just not select Wayne Bridge, rather than not select John Terry

  2. Of course not Some of the best countries in the World have failed to win because of internal dressing room fractions:Spain & Holland always seem to inplode in major tournaments.For the good of England he should go & take Emile Heskey with him!

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