Washington Capitals hoping to get fifth straight victory as they face Winnipeg Jets – NHL Preview

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Washington Capitals hoping to get fifth straight victory as they face Winnipeg Jets – NHL Preview
The surging Washington Capitals are trying their best to retain their safe spot in National Hockey League (NHL) Eastern Conference and despite the surge of other teams, Capitals have done remarkably well to win their games and stay alive in the competitive
race to the playoffs.
Capitals’ next opponent is the team that is also desperate to reach the playoffs and is not far behind the former in the same conference.
Capitals will face Winnipeg Jets on Friday, March 16, 2012, at MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Let’s have a look at both teams.
They lost the first three games they played this month, but surged strongly to win the next four games.
Their recent victories came against Tampa Bay Lightning (3-2 in overtime), Boston Bruins (4-3), Toronto Maple Leafs (2-0) and New York Islanders (5-4 after shootout).
Islanders were dominant against Capitals in first period of the game as they scored two goals without conceding any.
Islander increased the lead to three goals early in the second period, but Capitals scored a goal to reduce the deficit. Both teams scored one goal each during the rest of the period.
Capitals were still two goals behind, but they neutralised the lead in the final period after scoring two goals without conceding any.
The game was then sent to overtime and shootout was called. Capitals scored two goals in the shootout while conceding one to get the victory.
Capitals are ranked at eighth spot in the Eastern Conference with 78 points after 70 games.
Alex Ovechkin, who had two goals during the game, said:
"It's the playoffs for us right now. Teams are fighting for those spots, and we need these points."
Jets have played five games this month and won three with the recent victory coming against Dallas Stars.
Jets were dominant right from the start. They scored one goal in the first period and added four more in the next period before Stars scored their first goal.
Stars added another in the final, but could not progress further.
Jets are ranked at 10th spot in the Eastern Conference with 74 points after 70 games and are four points behind the eighth-ranked at Capitals.
Capitals will have an edge, but they should refrain from being complacent.
The sum of goals scored by both teams might exceed six.
If Jets win, the winning margin will be two or more goals.



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