Marcelo not worried about meeting Barcelona in Champions League

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The Brazilian left-back has no preferences in drawing a specific opponent in UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.
Real Madrid ensured progress to Champions League quarter-finals at the expense of Russian Premier League outfit, CSKA Moscow. added one apiece.
The Spanish giants join the pool of AC Milan, APOEL Nicosia, Benfica, in the last 8 of the Champions League.
Reflecting on their future rivals in the elite European club competition, manager Jose Mourinho refused to get into such debates and asked everyone to celebrate the moment.
"I am not thinking about that. The most important thing is that we are through and now we have to wait."
Left-back shares his manager's opinion and stated that Madrid are indifferent to the clubs they might draw. He added that all clubs are on level footing at this level and Los Blancos will have to beat anyone who stand in their pursuit of European
In the previous edition of the cup competition, Real Madrid were knocked out by archrivals,, thanks to Lionel Messi’s heroics and some dubious refereeing. However, the Brazilian stopper is unfazed by the prospects of playing La Blaugrana.
"We do not prefer to be drawn against anyone [in particular]," Marcelo told reporters. "Every opponent we can get is the same.”
"We just have to beat whoever we get. It does not matter if we face Barca now. We will have to play as equals to try to beat them."
Jose Mourinho stated that Madrid’s performance was unspectacular, an opinion shared by the fans of the club and accepted by the 23-year-old. Marcelo stated that they had to win the match to ensure progression and they managed to achieve their targets.
"The fans wanted us to play somewhat better, but the important thing about these matches is to win," Marcelo said.
"Jose Mourinho is a winning coach and he asked us to be more focused."
The schedule for the Champions League and Europa League will be made on Friday, March 16th. 



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