La Liga clubs' debts rises to 752 million Euros

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More bad news for the supporter of Spanish top flight football as government data suggests La Liga clubs owe a staggering 752 million Euros in tax money. 
As of January 1st 2012, professional Spanish football clubs owe the Tax Office 752 million Euros. The facts have been unleashed by data provided by the Government in a written reply to a question from Caridad Garcia, the spokesman
of United Left (IU) in the Education Commission and Sport of Congress.
United Left revealed that the government has divided the figure of 752 million into three different categories. It was noted that the Trial Division maintain a debt of around 490 million Euros, and the Second over 184 million Euros. The remaining one
has been titled ‘No Pools’ and owes the Treasury a total of over 78 million Euros.
The Executive's response is due for the parliamentary questions registered on 18th January by Caridad Garcia, in which the deputy asked about the aggregate debt of professional football clubs.
In reply, United Left stated that in a period of just four years, the debt has risen by almost 150 million Euros. During the previous reign, debt of the football clubs amounted to 607 million Euros on April 30, 2008.
However, Text drafted by IU goes a little further:
"This is not reflected that all the money that professional football clubs owe to the Central Government as to the debts with the tax must be added to that football clubs have with Social Security and the Government has never provided recent data."
United Left recalled in his note that they are not being complemented by government bodies in the exercise of their full functions.

They bemoaned that IU are restricted in their ability to perform their duties to the full, with only the reports and records obtained by the Social Security Administration being the only thing they can be proud of.
The coalition spokesman of the Congress, Jose Luis Centella, insisted that the government must avoid the tax liability of the clubs, which might mean that the citizens will pay for the football club’s financial misdemeanour.
On the other hand, PSOE spokeswoman Soraya Rodriguez stressed that it is logical that such debts are required and demanded that the amounts should be paid in full.



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