Victor Martinez’s torn ALC a huge blow for Detroit Tigers – MLB News

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Victor Martinez’s torn ALC a huge blow for Detroit Tigers – MLB News
Detroit Tigers’ designated hitter, Victor Martinez is likely to miss the entire next season due to a torn ALC in his left knee, the Tigers’ officials announced on Tuesday. Martinez was absolutely sensational during the Tigers’ 2011 regular and post season campaigns.
Showing great composure and character, he helped his side grab memorable wins during the season. Along with Miguel Cabrera, Martinez displayed some high quality hitting skills to let the Tigers win the American League Central title.
Batting with a decent .330 average with 103 RBI’s and 12 home runs, he made most of the available opportunities. Absorbing the pressure brilliantly in tense situations, he played a crucial part in Tigers’ success the past season.
The officials told the reporters that the DH was taking part in a routine training session when he tore the ALC in his left knee. Suffering from a serious injury, Martinez is not expected to return to the Major League Baseball until the end of 2012 season.
Martinez’ loss is a big blow for the Tigers, who looked very threatening during the 2011 season. With a $50 million four year contract, he was one of the most expensive players in Jim Leyland’s side. In addition to his excellent hitting skills, the former first baseman can do a reasonable job as a catcher as well.
“We do have flexibility with positions that players play with us. We could maneuver from within. However, we’re open-minded to different alternatives to hitters who are available by free agency and trades. I’ve received numerous phone calls from agents in the last hour (since the news got out), looking to place their players. But we need to digest the situation. Then we’ll go from there,” said Dave Dombrowski in an interview.
When fully healthy and fit, Martinez can be an asset to any MLB team. He will be looking to train hard and make a strong comeback in the 2013 MLB season. Tigers’, on the other hand, are looking to bring in another batter by means of a trade or free agency. Dave Dombrowski will have to take the required steps as soon as possible to fill in the hole left by Martinez.



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