Detroit Tigers’ Victor Martinez lands on the disabled list with injured shoulder – MLB News

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Detroit Tigers’ Victor Martinez lands on the disabled list with injured shoulder – MLB News
The right shoulder contusion on Saturday, July 2, landed the Detroit Tigers’ catcher Victor Martinez to the disabled list for what is reported to be an indefinite period of time. He suffered the injury after a foul tip in the third inning, being played against
the San Francisco Giants.
His unanticipated departure from the game was a shock for the team and certainly made the Giants’ venture easier to win the game by 15-3. The torrential rain that delayed the game for three hours also proved to compound the Tigers’ woes.
While Martinez initially did not show up to comment on his injury, the team manager had his own explanation to offer.
"He got smoked pretty good," Leyland said. "Victor would have stayed in the game, but I just wasn't going to (let him). I saw him kinda hanging his arm, pulling it in, and favoring it. Why take a chance?"
However, even Martinez would not be able to stop the aggressive march of the San Francisco Giants to victory. By the time Martinez left the game, the Giants had already had 10-0 lead in the third inning.
Don Kelly, the utility man for the Detroit Tigers, replaced the injured Martinez who responded positively to his team manager’s call and did his utmost to contain the uncontrollable Giants’ offence.
"You want to come out and give the team everything you got," said Kelly. "That's all you can do." However, there are indications that all is not well for the Tigers.
The team manager alluded to the declining quality of the bull-pen. "You're putting (the bullpen) in situations they aren't supposed to be in," he said. "It all starts with starting pitching."
The worry becomes understandable if one looks at the current Major League Baseball ranking with the Tigers occupying the eighth spot. All the same, Justin Verlander’s has remained a reassuring factor for the team.
He is 8-0 in his last 10 starts with the team offence having average of .268 which is third in MLB. With all the favourable stats that testify to the improving quality of the team, the Tigers will certainly want Martinez sooner than latter despite his less
than impressive performance.
When Martinez returns after fitness and rehabilitation, he will expectedly be re-energized and reactivated for the bigger games lying ahead.
The Tigers still have the opportunity to line up among the top five teams with some hard work and attention to the fitness of the players. Only time will tell the impact of Martinez being out has on the Tigers in their next match-ups.



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