Detroit Tigers’ Victor Martinez finally back in opening day lineup – MLB News

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Detroit Tigers’ Victor Martinez finally back in opening day lineup – MLB News

Designated hitter Victor Martinez is finally back into Detroit Tigers’ batting lineup, reports a leading sports website. Martinez is an extremely talented hitter. He has the ability to up his game play under pressure. The right hander produced magical performances
in 2011 to help the Tigers win the American League Central Division title.
Martinez has the ability hit home runs and earn RBI’s against some of the best starting pitchers in the business. He was the first choice for the all important designated hitter position before the start of 2012 regular season. Unluckily, however, he picked
up a severe injury in a training session just before the Spring Training that forced him out of the game for the entire year.
He's absolutely in hog heaven right now," manager Jim Leyland said Thursday about Martinez. "He's really missed it. He's like a kid. He's just so thrilled to be back in uniform and out on the field."

"When a National League team is the home team down here, they can either let you use a DH or not use one," Leyland said. "Most of them are good about it."
"I finally woke up from that nightmare," Martinez said.
"I can't remember ever being as excited about a spring training game as I am today," Martinez said in an interview.
Right now, the Tigers’ batting lineup is looking very solid. In Miguel Cabrera they have a hitter who can single handedly win games for them. Cabrera won the American League Most Valuable Player Award season, hitting more than 40 home runs. Prince Fielder,
who was signed on for the fourth largest contract in history of the game is also looking for an opportunity to make a name for himself.
However, a lot of responsibility and pressure will also be on Martinez who will be looking to find his form. Of course, he will be a bit rusty and the Tigers will not mind to wait a few games to help him get back into form. Other batters in the lineup include
Omar Infante, Andy Dirks, Jhonny Peralta and former Los Angeles Angels’ catcher Torii Hunter.



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