Detroit Tigers’ Victor Martinez doing well in rehabilitation – MLB News

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Detroit Tigers’ Victor Martinez doing well in rehabilitation – MLB News
Detroit Tigers’ Designated Hitter Victor Martinez is ready to make a comeback for his team next season, reports Martinez picked up a serious knee injury while taking part in a routine training session before the start of 2012 season.
According to sources, Martinez’s injury is healing as expected and he will be ready for action in 2013 Spring Training. The Tigers are also looking to do everything they can to ensure he stays on the track to recovery.
However, General Manager Dave Dombrowski said Martinez will not play in the World Baseball Classic, a competition that will be held from March 2 to 17, 2013. Usually, the players who make themselves available for this prestigious tournament leave their Major
League Baseball Teams during Spring Training.
"He is not going," Dombrowski said in an interview with a leading sports website. "We have said that we are not going to grant permission for him. We have not been fought on that. I don't think Victor's pushing for it either. His wife's having a baby at
the end of February. …”

"We're open to players playing in the World Baseball Classic. It affects our schedules. But I don't think in Victor's case that would be a good idea. I know he's hitting on a tee and I know he's also running," Dombrowski said. "He feels great."
Dombrowski added that Martinez is doing very well in his rehabilitation after undergoing knee surgery, which led him to miss the entire past season. Tigers’ Manager Jim Leyland also had similar views on the matter.
Martinez post his career best numbers in the 2011 season as he hit .330 with 12 home-runs and 103 RBI’s. His consistent performances helped the Tigers win the American League Central Division title. He was expected to be Tigers regular designated hitter
in 2012 as well.
However, just before the start of the season, he suffered a severe knee injury, which forced him out of the game for the entire season. It will be interesting to see if he can get back to his prime form to help the Tigers win the World Series title in 2013.



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