Urdu speakers translate this plz....?

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nahin rani usdin na tunay ghalat kiya pehli bat mainay invite kiya bhi toh teray ko batana nahin chahllay tha or patah hai kiya mainay isko na bhi bataya hoo isnay maira kiya bighar laina hai

han bol nahin rani koi usnay tujhay koi kuch nahin kahay ga diker na kar




  1. Whoever said or wrote this has no sense of punctuation, and even his Urdu is ridiculously atrocious, but here's the best translation for the first part:

    "No my queen, that day you didn't do anything wrong. First thing even if I invited, you should not have said it, and you know what, even if I don't tell him/her what can s/he do?"

    I can't make any sense out of the second line. It's hogwash and toally incoherent. The person must be fish drunk.  

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