Cam some one translate this italian sentence for me ( a native speaker, dont jsut use a translate engine plz)?

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come si chiama" and "che lavoro fa"




  1. Yeah that means,

    "come close to me" and "p**s on my face"

  2. what's your name ?

    what's your job  

    what kind of business you are in ?

    what you do for a living?

    ho bisogno dei punti  vota per me

  3. "come si chiama" = what is your name

    "che lavoro fa" = what job you do (at your work)

  4. what's your name and work?

  5. Come si chiama?   What is your name?

    Che lavoro fa?  What kind of work do you do?

    If you need more help, just ask. Va bene? (OK?)

  6. "come si chiama" - as it is called

    "che lavoro fa" - that job makes

    I'm probably wrong. lol ;-)

  7. Yep, tis what is your name and what is your job. Why do you ask that if you are a native italian????

  8. 1. What is this called? or How do you say this?

    2. What do you do? or What type of job to you have?

  9. hi, i'm italian and i will be happy to help you.

    Come si chiama: what's his name

    Che lavoro fa: what's his job

  10. "what is your name?" and "what job do you do?"

    Hope this helps.

  11. come si chiama = come see my ma's china

    che lavoro fa = Gee, the lavatory smells

  12. What is his or her name(what is it called),what does he-she do for a living.

  13. what's your name?

    what's your job?

    (both are formal)


  14. The first one is "what is your name?" or, literally, "what do you call yourself?"  The second is "what kind of work do you do?"

  15. if the person asking the question is talking to you, using a form of politeness ("il lei") then the sentences mean:

    "come si chiama" = what is your name

    "che lavoro fa" = what is your job

    but if you were talking about a third person, then he could be saying

    "come si chiama" = what is his name

    "che lavoro fa" = what is his job

    "come si chiama" could also mean "what's its name"

    everything depends on the context!

  16. What's it called. What does it do?

    also can mean What's he called? What does he do? depending on context.

  17. what's your name and what's your job.

    (people, if you are not 100% sure about your answer, why do you reply? you only confuse the asker)

  18. Maroc is rigth ,,, it depends...

    if it is refered to you it means that you know know the person who is asking it to you( what's your name?'s very polite..)

    if it is refered to another person (she -he): come si chiama (lei/lui)?it is colloquial

    i'm italian

  19. come se chiama.. means "what's your name"

    che lavoro fa means.... where do you work or what work do you do

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