What is a good software to learn spanish?

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Nothing expensive like Rosetta Stone. I went to Honduras this summer and I will be going back in 2 years. I have some knowledge from 2 yrs of spanish in high school. But I want to know it fluently when I go back. So it doesn't have to be anything to teach me in a week. I have 2 years. Thanks so much!!




  1. Software and/or websites can be useful resources for learning to speak Spanish, but they definitely shouldn't be your only tool(s). I recommend that you be enthusiastic about learning the language! Try to immerse yourself: change the settings on electronics to Spanish, watch only Spanish television, make Spanish-speaking friends, frequent areas where people speak Spanish, go to Spanish Mass, or even get a job where Spanish is spoken. Do whatever you can to help yourself out.

  2. That's pretty cool that you're able to go to Honduras. You'll learn a ton there! In the mean time there is a good site where you can learn the most common phrases that you'll hear in Spanish speaking countries. This website recorded situations from homes, market places, offices, jobs, schools, etc. Really helpful stuff for some one looking for spoken Spanish.

  3. Go live with a Hispanic family for a year.

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