Which country has the most openings in languages?

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I am British and I am due to start university here in England for a modern languages degree.

I have always wanted to live and work in the US, Canada or in Australia.

I was just wondering, in which country would I be most successful in finding a job with modern languages? and in which country would the pay be better?

I speak Spanish and am planning on studying Spanish Japanese and Chinese at university if that helps...





  1. Knowing Spanish, Chinese and Japanese leads you to the US.

    Good luck in the gold rush! :)

  2. As Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages and America has one of the biggest concentration of Spanish Speakers apart from Spain ,and the pay structure is quite good , it follows that America is your best bet .

    Good luck what ever you choose.

  3. Look at the United Nations' web site (  They hire translators and are located in New York City but have operations all over the world.

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