Translate 2 simple english plz?

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a-no nuttin jus here ah mek amv's you know

i know i should be able 2 understand this but in like brain dead 2day





  1. I can only understand part of that: I do not know anything, don't you know it's here I make amv's (don't know what is amv's).

  2. yeah yah musta ax: "how are you this fine day?" o "what have you been doing?"

    and day ansa ent nuttin...

    day mekin amv's

    wah type wok day do? o wah otha clues yah cud tink a & if yah still cant him wah d  #*%$ is a amv?

  3. wtf is that? is that supposed to be lil kim talkin or something? no offense towards black but i hear alot of them talk like that and it annoys be because they all were born in the best parts of kentucky and still have the ghetto talk goin on lol

  4. Bless up, sis, if yuh caan chat di chat r walk di walk, check out yuh roots an laarn it, it de yah fi years, a yuh rite, go get fi yuh.

    Purest Blessings.

  5. aye ppl in trinidad does talk like dat??... if so wha part ah trinidad cause i doh talk like dat nah

  6. hey nothing jus here making moves you know.

    its traditional in the caribbean english dialect to add a or ah in front of words.

  7. uhh I eh kno wha dat mean ..cyah help yuh dey

  8. I know notting jus hereI make Amv's you know...

    I think?

  9. It's nothing. I'm just here making amvs, you know. (whatever "amvs" is).

  10. its saying u know nothing hrer is making amv's you know.

  11. sounds like they're saying Aaahh, No, nothing just here making AMV's you know.

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