US Field Hockey’s first ever Women’s National Club Championship – Hockey Update

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US Field Hockey’s first ever Women’s National Club Championship – Hockey Update
Richmond, Virginia will be the location for the United States Field Hockey first ever Women’s National Club Championship (NCC) to be held from July 21-24, 2011.
With the title of US Top Club Field Hockey Team on the line, the top hockey teams from across the United States will be fighting it out for the top honours.
US Field Hockey has close to 250 member clubs under them and the Championship will provide the ideal opportunity for many of these top teams to show off their skills.
The main goal according Steve Locke, the Executive Director is to provide the ideal platform to expand the awareness of field hockey at various domestic and regional levels. This event will give the clubs a unique opportunity to compete against one another
and prove their dominance in their respective areas. Many players will be given a chance to possibly be selected for the National team depending on their performance in the tournament.
After setting up regional qualifiers, the teams will be able to compete in the Championship. This will give US Field Hockey the opportunity to identify only the top tier teams for the competition.
The Championship is restricted to only U19 and U17 girl’s teams. Due to large turnouts by teams to participate, there will be 32 U17 and 32 U19 teams during the tournament. By expanding the number teams, will allow for more players to be given the opportunity
to prove themselves.
Laura Darling, the Managing Director of Olympic and Athlete Development is looking forward to a successful tournament. She is hoping to increase awareness of the field hockey throughout the country.
The NCC will provide a very high level of competition amongst the various teams. This will be the perfect platform for both players and teams to prove their skills and talents for a possible selection into the National team in the future. It will be exciting
to see which teams manage to come out on top of this tournament as this is the first time US Field Hockey has put on such a large showing for U17 and U19 teams.



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