Day 6 of Women’s hockey at the 34th National Games in Jharkhand – Field Hockey

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Day 6 of Women’s hockey at the 34th National Games in Jharkhand – Field Hockey
Assam had a humiliating defeat at the hands of Haryana women hockey players with a score line of 0-17 in the preliminary matches of the 34th National Games that were held in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India on February 18.
Haryana got a grand opening move, a penalty shootout in the starting two minutes of the match. For this attempt, Haryana’s penalty expert, Kaur Jaspreet did the honours of opening the score with a 1-0 lead for Haryana.
The team captain, Jasjit Kaur, slotted three goals during the match, out of which one was shot in the first half whereas two were in the second half. In the 10th minute of the match, Haryana’s Rampal Rani scored the second goal of the match. The
first half began to pick up pace when time after time Haryana’s strikers reached Assam’s circle to attack the goal. The third goal was slotted well in the 17th minute by a substitute player, Kharb Mamta who was brought in the field in place of Dahiya
In the 25th minute of the first half, the first penalty corner was called that was represented by Haryana’s Kaur Surinder, who later became the star of the match. Here, Haryana took the lead to 4-0.
Assam kept trying hard but was not able to match the pace of the opposing team and in the next two minutes Haryana received another penalty corner that was also shot by Kaur Surinder. In no time another penalty corner was with Haryana in the 30th
minute, which was played by the team captain, Jasjit Kaur.
The stand out player, Kaur Surinder was on her move towards setting a mark of seven goals during the whole match. She slotted a spectacular hit into the goal in the 32nd minute of the match. Even though, the closing minutes of the first half were
ticking, she slotted another goal in the last minute of the first half, mounting Haryana’s lead to 8-0.
It was expected that Assam would show some skills in the intensified scenario of the match. However, it was the Haryana players who picked up the tempo. Kaur Surinder continued her goal count by slotting another score within the first two minutes of the
second half that was followed by another goal shot by Haryana’s striker, Rani Poonam in the next minute of the last goal.
Assam was terrified and tired of the breathless warfare being played among both the teams. Although they managed to silence their competitors for a while, they still got denied and Rampal Rani of Haryana potted the 11th goal for her team.
Then there came three more goals, each with a 3-minute gap, back to back on the 52nd minute by Jasjit Kaur, 55th
minute by Kaur Surinder and 58th minute by Dahiya Monika from Haryana. The match became too hot to handle for Assam, so they deployed their strikers to help out the defence but it was of no use.
The last ten minutes of the match worsened the scenario for Assam by a three-goal addition to the trail that were shot in the 60th, 65th and 67th minute. The first was by Jasjit Kaur and the rest two by Rampal Rani, concluding
the match with a gigantic lead for Haryana at 17-0 score.
The next matches that were played on February 21 included Delhi vs Maharashtra and Haryana vs Jharkhand.



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