Suh returns to practice, not in mood to talk about past – NFL News

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Suh returns to practice, not in mood to talk about past – NFL News
Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh returned back to the Lions training facility on Wednesday to prepare for Oakland Raiders on Sunday after completing a two game suspension for a hit during the Lions 27-15 defeat to Green Bay Packers.
Suh on Wednesday was not in the mood to talk much about his suspension.
"The most important thing right now is this football team and not me individually," Suh said
The 24-year old has come in for criticism from analysts and fans alike for his overly physical playing style. The defensive tackle received his latest suspension during Detroit’s 27-15 loss to Green Bay Packers in their Thanksgiving
Day encounter. Suh was seen aiming a kick at Packers Guard Evan Dietrich-Smith during the game and was promptly ejected from the field.
Suh was banned by the Lions from the training ground following his latest run in with the NFL’s disciplinary committee, and spent the two weeks in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Now back in the fold the 24-year old is looking
forward to helping the Lions continue their drive for a Playoff spot and is ready to start against Oakland Raiders.
“It’s always exciting for me to play football, but this will be the first time in the last two weeks that I get to play, so I’m looking forward to that and to being on the road. There’s great odds at stake with this game and it’s
all in our hands.”
The Detroit Lions are looking to secure their first post-season spot since 1999. With Suh suspended the Lions went 1-1 losing comprehensively to New Orleans Saints in week 13 and just about managed to gain victory over the lowly
Minnesota Vikings in game week 14 to keep their Playoff hopes on track.
Coach Jim Schwartz was happy to see the return of Suh saying that the defensive tackle looked in good shape. Schwartz had in a previous interview stated that Suh has learnt his lesson and petulant behaviour like the one seen against
the Packers is a thing of the past.
Suh however, defended his playing style and said that he will not change it and will continue as long as he was within the rules of the game.
"I think I can pretty much stick with that, playing within the rules and continuing to play between the whistles," Suh said.
The Lions are 8-5 with a Playoff spot within their grasp. Victory over the Raiders will be crucial on Sunday as the franchise have a tough finish to their season when they will face San Diego Chargers and Super-bowl favourites
Green Bay Packers in their final two games.



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