Strategies to play volleyball effectively

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Strategies to play volleyball effectively
Volleyball may appear to be a simple and straight forward game to play but it requires its players to be highly athletic and develop strategies in order to make a win. As it is a team sport, it requires each player to perform at the optimum to achieve the
desired results. Other than that, players cannot hope to make a win if they treat volleyball as an individual game rather than a team effort.
Therefore, for any team to make a win, it should work collaboratively to score a point or defend one. Only those teams can be successful that have devised strategies that revolve around playing volleyball effectively. If two teams have the same level of
skills, the team with the better strategy will be able to take the day.  
The following quote by an anonymous person explains the importance of developing strategies in order to perform better in matches, “It is a common sense that athletes and teams who succeed are usually those who have practiced well and prepared the best;
they have created pre competition routines and game plans to be able to execute those in competition.”
Therefore, it is necessary that volleyball teams devise certain strategies and plan of action in order to be competitive in volleyball. These strategies should be practised in training sessions so that they are ingrained in volleyball players and it becomes
natural to execute them when they are actually performing in matches.
As volleyball is a team sport, it is important that a volleyball team has good communication. When the six players work as a whole rather than individually, the chances of making a win increases. Therefore, volleyball teams should work on communication strategies.
Communication during a volleyball game can be divided into different stages. One of the stages includes communication required between the team members before a serve is made from the opposing team. The team at the receiving end of the serve should decide
before hand that who will be the key passers of the ball. Other than that, it should also be established that which team member will be giving the shout if the ball is going to land inside or outside the court. Once these points are agreed upon, the entire
team should focus on the server and be ready to receive the ball. If these strategies are adopted by the team members, the team will save itself from a lot of confusion that may lead to making errors and giving away points.
Once the serve is made from the opposing team, there are strategies that can be followed during the serve. One of the best strategies is to call the ball if a player wants to make a hit on it. For example, if a player sees that the ball is coming towards
him or her, a shout such as ‘mine’ should be made so that the other team members know not to interfere with the incoming ball.
Other than that, the volleyball players should also develop strategies that aim to decrease the reaction time of making the hit on the incoming ball. This can be done if players anticipate that the ball will be coming towards them. In order to execute this
strategy well, the players should adopt a ready position that will serve to keep them active and enable them to move faster if they have to make a hit on the ball.
If a volleyball team follows these strategies, the chances of winning will increase significantly.
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