Balti´s Sister tipped to win Lilian Flynn "All The Best" Memorial Handicap

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Balti´s Sister tipped to win Lilian Flynn "All The Best" Memorial Handicap
Balti´s Sister is expected to be triumphant in the Lilian Flynn "All The Best" Memorial Handicap at Ayr in England on Sunday, July 8, 2012. The class-6 winner will walk away with a cash prize of £1,909 in the end.
The going will be soft in the 6 furlong race, which is scheduled to start at 16:30 GMT. A total of eight runners are expected to be seen in action, but that number may come down, if it rains more before the start of the event.
Most of the participants in the race have been struggling for form and many of them are event looking for their first ever victory. This has given a solid chance to Balti´s Sister, who has won a race before and will also like the conditions at Ayr. She has
been priced 4 to 1 and the punters will definitely be placing a few bets on her today.
The three-year-old filly does not have an impressive record, as she has only won a single race in her career out of 11 attempts. She has also secured the runner up spot on the same number of times, but there has been no other significant performance from
her other than that.
The Michael Easterby’s trainee debuted in 2011 and did a decent job in her first race, finishing fourth in it. She was given a starting price of 100 to 1 back then and was one of the least favourites to finish in the top five. Despite that, she put together
a strong show and caught the attention of everyone.
However, the young filly was unable to deliver a similar show in her next race, where the bookies had rated her as the favourite to win. She disappointed one and all, finishing seventh out of eight runners.
In her next race, the Irish runner took everyone by surprise once again, as she stormed to the top, making her team proud. Since then, she has been unable to win any more events and could only manage a few reasonable performances.
However, there is a solid chance for Balti´s Sister to break the shackles and win the second race of her career under jockey, Paul Mulrennan.
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