Andy Murray takes inspiration from LeBron James - NBA Update

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Andy Murray takes inspiration from LeBron James - NBA Update
Andy Murray is just one win away to become the first Brit in 76 years to win the Wimbledon. The only thing standing between him and the glory is the great Roger Federer.
Interestingly Murray’s inspiration to achieve the biggest milestone in his life is LeBron James. Andy shares a lot with James; he has reached into two Wimbledon semi-finals, one US Open final and two Australian
Finals, but has always missed the title with a narrow margin. Similarly Miami Heat’s sensation, King James won the championship ring in the 8th season of his career.
Murray, who also happens to be an avid follower of basketball, says that he can learn a lot from James.

"I would say for me it's a similar situation. I've been close a lot of times and not quite made it. There’s a lot of people out there that didn't want him to win. There's a lot of people that said he would never
win. Then you see how he played the whole of the Finals, the whole of the Playoffs. Sometimes it takes guys a bit longer than others."
Murray is playing in the era of three great tennis legends, there is Novak Djockovic, Roger Federer and of course the Spanish powerhouse Rafael Nadal. This particular dilemma separates him with James. In NBA
there is no other complete player like LeBron.
The 4th seeded Scottish has the brightest of chances this year to win the title, as Rafael Nadal lost in the second round and Djockovic lost to Federer in the semis. Although Federer is
playing at his best at the moment, but recent Grand Slams have shown that the Swiss can falter under pressure.  
The 25-year-old will become the first British player to reach the Wimbledon finals since Bunny Austin in 1938.

Andy has been giving his 100% but he always come up short in the finals and like James he has his own critics, raising questions about his winning mentality. But this year he is determined to go all the way.
"I've had a good run here the last few years, but, yeah, I'm not satisfied with that," Murray said. "I want to try and go further."



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