Javi Casquero hails El Geta in farewell

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The Spanish footballer did not shy away from revealing his emotions at parting company with Getafe, praising the Capital club for the glorious six years he spent with them. Toledo brought an end to his playing days as a Getafe player and revealed during his farewell that he has lived the best six years of his life in Madrid with El Geta. He acknowledged that the club wanted him to continue his stay with them
but decided against it after considering all aspects.
The midfielder praised Miguel Angel Torres for his good work done with the club that has seen them retain top flight status despite their limited finances. He added that the Getafe supremo has been influential in his sporting career with Getafe and thanked
him for supporting him through thick and thin.
Continuing with his heart felt statement, Toledo claimed that he has thought of the club as his home for the last six years and was rewarded in return with beautiful moments on the footballing pitch.
"My years at Getafe have been unforgettable and these moments are hard and difficult. The continuity has not been a decision by the club and I assume that I respect. Six years here have been the best of my career and I want to go by thanking president (Angel
Torres) who trusted me in a delicate moment of my career,” he said at a news conference.
"I leave a club I consider my home and, luckily, I have seen many beautiful moments. In football it does not surprise me at all, and statistics for years and I could play," he said.
Toledo leaves the club after making 28 appearances in his final season at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez. The experienced campaigner gave a lot to the struggling La Liga outfit both on and off the pitch, efforts that were realized by his peers in the dressing
room and members of the club’s hierarchy.
With Euro 2012 finishing and the transfer window operating in full furore, Toledo might be given a chance to play against Getafe in the new season as Real Betis keep tabs on his developing contractual situation.



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