Brazilian Ronaldo claims that Messi is the best in the world

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Despite being a Madrid fan by heart, the Brazilian legend believes that the Argentinean maestro has outdone all the players in the world and he is the best at the moment.
Brazilian Ronaldo was himself a goal-scoring machine back in his times. That is the reason why he still holds the record for scoring the highest number of goals during a FIFA World Cup.
Ronaldo was phenomenal not only for his club; in fact, he was also a prolific goal-scorer for his international team,
Recently in an interview Ronaldo claimed that even though he is a Real Madrid fan, he believes that Lionel Messi is currently the best player in the world.
The opinion given by Ronaldo will definitely be considered as a compliment because the Brazilian legend was one of the best strikers in the world back in his times. In fact, he also managed to become the youngster world player of the year during his days
and his record was broken by the Argentinean star, Lionel Messi, himself.
Messi has been playing phenomenally for the past four to five seasons. Despite his young age, the talented striker was able to take over the world of football.
While performing for Barcelona, Messi has only shown improvement in terms of statistics and performances.
The Argentinean captain scored more than 50 goals in the last season and in the latest season he was able to find the back of the net 72 times, something which no player has done in the history of Spanish La Liga.
Messi was also the player who broke Ronaldo’s goal-scoring record at Barcelona. The Brazilian legend played one season at and scored the highest number of goals. Since then no one managed to break Ronaldo’s goal-scoring record for the Catalan giants
but Messi was there to break another record.
While speaking about Messi and how he is the best player in the world, said:
"I am more a fan of Real Madrid, but there is no doubt that Messi is the best player in the world." won the European golden boot award this season after scoring 72 goals. Currently the Argentinean is in contention to win his fourth consecutive Ballon d’Or.



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