Stephen Hendry is Tiger Woods of snooker, says Steve Davis – Snooker News

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Stephen Hendry is Tiger Woods of snooker, says Steve Davis – Snooker News
Former seven-time World Snooker Champion, Scotland’s Stephen Hendry had a convincing finish in the 2012 World Snooker Championship. He reached the quarter-final encounter of the prestigious event where he lost to compatriot Stephen Maguire by the score line
of 2-13. Due to a superb career of Hendry, the former six-time World Champion Steve Davis believes that the Scotsman is Tiger Woods of snooker.
After crashing out of the tournament, Hendry announced his retirement which was a bit sudden but the Golden Brain said that he was planning for retirement for the last three months. All top guns of the game paid tribute to the legendary cuemen for his precious
contribution to the sport throughout his career that comprises 27 years.
A couple of days ago, the veteran cuemen including Davis, Jimmy White, Ken Doherty and Dennis Taylor gathered to tribute the Ice Man where Davis expressed his deep affiliation with Hendry on the baize. He also said that the Scot should be knighted for his
role in the sport. The veteran potter, Davis, believes that the Wonder Brain has the same place in the game like Tiger Woods has in golf and Michael Schumacher earned in Formula One.
While speaking to the media, Davis said, “Stephen was certainly the Tiger Woods of our game in his pomp. When he was producing, he was unstoppable. He’s probably Scotland’s greatest-ever sportsman, I imagine streets ahead of anyone in terms of success. He
was one of the greatest winning machines we’ve ever seen.”
Meanwhile, the People’s Champion, Jimmy White added, “He caused me some pain at the Crucible – and I am absolutely certain that, like Davis, there will be a growing appreciation now of what he did, and what we are missing from our game. He is a true legend
of snooker.”
White played Hendry in four World Snooker Championship finals but unfortunately lost in all those games. Both Davis and White have been close companions of the living legend Hendry and know all his success stories.
Nevertheless, the 43-year-old Hendry will move to China to coach the Chinese cuemen who want to participate in the bigger match of a snooker season.



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