Tyrur Pudsy likely to thrive in Super Stayers

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Tyrur Pudsy likely to thrive in Super Stayers
Tyrur Pudsy has gained the highest odds in the betting market for The Owlerton Bookmakers Super Stayers – Duplicated, and the C. Lister-trained brindle b***h is going to make a big impact in the high-profile Open Race that will take place at Sheffield track
on Tuesday night, May 8.
On the flat course of 720 meters, the brilliant b***h will face five worth rivals such as Magna Sparrow, Luke My Lad, Crazy Roo, Battyford Adam and Sprig Hill. Containing £200 in the prize purse, the contest will start at 19:26 (GMT).
Tyrur Pudsy has been enjoying great form since the beginning of the calendar year. The two-year-old novice runner bagged a couple of consecutive triumphs in the month of March and went on to finish as a runner-up on April 17.
In her last outing on May 5, the maverick hound elegantly clinched top spot. This outstanding success streak has hiked the b***h’s winning momentum to a great extent.
For tonight’s Super Stayers, the daughter of Hades Rocket out of Danmar Pudsy is carrying immense spirit that will surely lend a great hand to her. The b***h’s chances to thrive are as high as 90 percent.
However, Magna Sparrow can give the hot favourite hound a tough time as the B. Draper-trained black dog accomplished a number of iconic marks during the first three months of 2012.
From January 7 to February 7, the dashing dog won four races in a row. He moved ahead to register a triumph each on February 28 and March 6. He again sealed a success on March 18.
Sprig Hill is also likely to do well tonight. The J. Smith-trained black b***h is on the verge of a hat-trick as she excellently won a race each on May 1 and 5. These two epic triumphs have perked up the hound’s stamina greatly.
In this situation, there will be a tough tug of war for the Stayers title. Tyrur Pudsy will have to fight hard in order to thrive. The race is likely to have many twists. Let us enjoy a fantastic action. Good luck to all the hounds.
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